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There is so much to do in Europe, from ocean cruising to river cruising to touring one or more countries on a single itinerary. There is no end to the architecture, culture, and history unique to each country. Climate varies from warm sunny beaches along the Mediterranean to the snowy Alps, perfect for a winter ski vacation. And traveling through Europe has never been easier due to the open borders of the 26 countries of the Schengen Area and cooperating countries like Switzerland.

Great Trips

Scandinavian Escape
6 nights starting at $949.00
from Globus
available 2/10/2019 - 2/16/2019
Season of Savings Sale
from Celebrity Cruises
available 1/1/2019 - 5/11/2020
Luxury Line: Scandinavian Adventure
10 nights starting at $1,999.00
from Europe Express
available 12/28/2018 - 1/7/2019

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